Alcohol Ban at Select Canadian Parks

Some Canadian Parks, including Alberta National Parks, banned alcohol use for the Victoria Day long weekend.

This controversial move had people talking: should we be allowed to have a beer while realaxing beside the campfire or should we not? Apparently some people do not know when to stop drinking and cause all kinds of trouble, spoiling the fun of camping for the rest of us. To stop them all alcohol use became prohibited in some parks. Is it working? Alberta Parks staff say it is and many families are supporting the move as well.

What do you think?

Paddle to the Sea- Classic Children's Film

This is Part 1 of the children's classic film from the 60's made by Bill Mason. The film was actually nominated for an Academy Award in 1968. It was based on the 1941 book by H.C. Holling.

As we watch this movie now it brings nostalgia, as many generations of children have watched it and loved it before us. Make sure your child watches this beautiful, gentle story of the carved wooden Indian as it travels the waterways from Lake Superior to the sea.

You can watch the rest of the film by going to:

Happy watching!

Happy Camper-Insects

Watch this funny video about insects. It also gives you some advice on how to protect yourself, but before you smear DEET all over your kids read about dangers of bug repellent.

How to Roast the Ultimate Marshmallow

Do you think it is easy to roast a marshmallow? It is, but it is even easier to burn it! Watch how to do it properly now.

How to Make Smores

Watch how easy it is to make smores.

Now go camping!

Bears Destroy Camp

In this educational video from Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington, we can see how brown bears (grizzly bears) destroy empty camp that smells of food.

Do not make that mistake!

Read my tips on camping in bear country.

Join the Great American Backyard Campout

This year again National Wildlife Federation is promoting Great American Backyard Campout on June 26-27, 2010. You can register online to participate and you will get tips and recipes in return.

Of course you do not HAVE to register to be a part of it. Just gather your kids, neighbours and take out your tent and you are ready. Actually, this can be a great preparation for the camping season, just before the summer vacation starts. So air out your tent or buy a new one if you need it and learn how to set it up for the fist time.

See my "7 Rules of Selecting Great Family Camping Tent".

RV Camping Video-Great Family Vacation Ideas

This is a nice video from EL Monte RV Rentals (no association). It gives you some great ideas about advantages of RVing vacation with your family.

Time to get on the road again. Enjoy!

Paddle to Be Free

This is a very nice film narrated by a 12-year old boy, who paddled with his family through Canadian Barrenlands from Clarke River to Thelon River. Even if canoeing is not your interest you will appreciate beautiful scenery and wildlife of this northern wilderness. Kudos to the parents of the two boys for daring to take them on such a long trip in the middle of nowhere.

And you thought you were roughing it!

125 Years of Parks Canada

This year Parks Canada celebrates 125 years of the first national park in Banff. In 2011 it will celebrate 100 anniversary of the first national park service in the world.

To mark these special occasions Parks Canada is planning many exciting events and activities. Celebrations will include a free day at all national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas on Parks Day, July 17.

Parks Canada also announced price freeze for its entrance fees and camping fees for this year.

So come and celebrate with us by visiting a national park or two this summer.

Happy 125 Birthday Parks Canada, eh!


What is Geocaching

Did you ever wonder what is geocaching? Now you know!

Would you like to know what you need to start? How about a GPS device solely dedicated to geocaching?

Cooking Fish on a Rock

This interesting video shows you how to cook your catch of the day on a rock. I bet your children would love the idea. Just remember to use clean, flat, thin and solid rock.

If a rock has cracks or moisture in it it could break during the process of heating, so be carefull.

Movie "Home"

This wonderful movie talks about our origins on Earth and how the delicate balance in the environment is necessary for the survival of the species.

This Earth Day watch it, if you haven't already, and educate yourself. Broaden your horizons. You will be inspired and deeply touched by breathtaking images. Then read about green friendly camping.

President Obama in Yellowstone National Park

This short video shows footage from 2009 visit of president Obama and his family to Yellowstone National Park. As it turns out he was following in the footsteps of many presidents who also visited the park.

Andrea Bocelli- Canto Della Terra

Happy Valentine's Day to all the romantics!

This must be the most romantic song in the world, so listen to it together with your sweetie.

Other romantic things to do for FREE:

1. Write "I Love You" in the snow (if there is any left) in front of your house and let him/her see it from the window.

2. Go for a romantic walk toghether. Dress up warmly if it is cold out. Get a few kisses to warm up.

3. Go camping, if possible in your area, and snuggle with your partner by the campfire. For more romantic suggestions for camping see the article on Rustic Romance.