How to Get Our Children Outdoors

This is PART 2 of the conversation with a psychologist  Kristina Towill.

Although children today are safer then ever before, parents are driven by fear of letting them go outside. Media promote safety histeria, which feeds parental fears of dangers lurking outside.

Suprisingly, children need less drilling with flashcards and more free play outside. Experiential learning and unstructured play is as much important as curriculum studies for their development.

It allows the leaders of tomorrow to develop their own passions and simply be happy.

The Importance of Outdoor Play

This is an interesting conversation with a psychologist Kristina Towill.

She talks about how today's children are overscheduled, which suprisingly doesn't support child's brain or emotional development. Children are more stressed today than ever before.

What supports kids'development, both psychological and physical, is healthy attachement to parents/family and free, unstructured, outdoor play. Free play means playing with their peers and what is not an adult organized, indoor play.

Children playing outdoors are happy and learn firsthand about nature and animals. 

To learn more watch PART 2.

How to Survive if You are Lost in the Woods

Everyone should know some simple things to do that help you survive in the woods. Watch this humorous video to learn the basic steps for survival.

Hopefully, you will never have to use them, but it is a good idea to be prepared and to know what to do.

How to Survive a Bear Attack

Here is another video on the subject of bears. Funny characters give some good tips on what to do if you encouter a bear or a bear attacks you.

This is not for kids who might get scared!

Native Indian Pow Wow at Cape Croker

This video was taken at the Native Indian Pow Wow that takes place every August at Cape Croker Indian Park on Bruce Peninsula. As we could see it was a popular event among families and kids had lots of fun.

In the last segment of the video you can watch as my son Mark tries his skills to dance in the Sacred Circle.

Camping Fun for Kids

Kids are showing some kid power and speak their minds on the subject of favourite camping activities and food.

Watch my son Mark and his friends having camping fun at Red Bay Park.


Bruce Peninsual National Park

The water was cold and clear, the weather hot hot hot and the scenery breathtaking. Perfect combination. Watch as kids and parents frolic in the aquamarine waters of Indian Head Cove at the Bruce Peninsula National Park. My son Mark had a ball with his friend Sabina, and despite freezing and deep water could not be pulled out to shore.

This was a lot of fun!

Black Bear Re-conditioning

They used to say: "Fed bear is a dead bear". The truth is that bears love human food and once they develop a taste for it they loose natural fear of humans they will keep coming again and again. In this quest for our food they may become agressive and dangerous and the only solution is to take them down.

In this short presentation a representative from Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources shows how black bears can be re-conditioned to be afraid of humans. This project is still in its experimental stage, but shows a great promise.

Basically a  bear is first put to sleep and tags are attached to his ear and a part of his tooth is removed (to tell bear's age).

When he wakes up he has a toothache and a headache (from traquilizers) and then it is yelled at and hit, and rubber bullets are shot at it's rear end. Yes, it is very painful and scary, but does not really harm the bear. So now he is very afraid of humans and never comes back. At least this is the premise of this operation.

As we were told, the Bear Control unit had a great success with this approach so far, so the bear's life could be speared.

Good job!

Bear Wise: Bear Encounters

Did you ever wonder how dangerous black bears really are and what to do to avoid bear encounter and even more importantly a bear attack? Are your kids afraid of bears?

Listen to the pros from Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

You will learn that bears:

  • hide from people
  • do not attack to kill
  • how noise may scare them away
  • what to do when attacked

This presentation was given by MNR representative to campers at Red Bay Park in August 2010. Black bears regularly visit park's garbage dump and are abundant on Bruce Peninsula.

Packing Your Canoe

If you intend to go camping in a canoe this video by Happy Camper shows you ho to pack your gear properly and efficiently.

To read more about canoeing with kids go to: Family Canoe Camping

Removing Ticks

This is another video about ticks. This time Happy Camper shows you how to remove a tick already attached to you.

Read more about ticks here:Ticks and Camping

Bear Bagging

If you are planning on any backcountry  camping, hiking or backpacking, you'd better learn how to keep your food from the reach of bears, also known as "bear bagging".

Happy Camper, Kevin Callan, will show you how.

Back to School Back Outside

National Wildlife Federation reports that kids who spend more time outdoors do better at school.

So get your kids out there!

Avoiding Ticks When Camping

Tick season is coming. Ticks can cause dangerous disease called Lyme disease. Kids and pets usually pick up the most ticks, since they get off the trail and run around the bushes a lot more.

Watch this video and learn how to avoid ticks.

To learn more about ticks and tick removal go here:

Let's Go Outside-Stone Crafts-The Little Humbugs

In this lovely video you can learn how to make stone art with your kids. This craft can be as easily made at home as at your campsite. All you need is hot stones (you can get them warmed up over the campfire- parental help is required) and wax crayons. Viola! Hot stone art is ready.