Get Inspired and Motivated

For a quick boost in your mood watch this little inspirational video that I created. The messages will uplift your spirits and images will make you smile. So relax and enjoy. Get motivated to exercise and get "out there" with your family and friends. Get closer to nature.

Making Smores

Making smores is a fun part of camping with kids. Mark will demonstrate how you do it. At the end it does not matter if you burn your marshmallow or if you run out of chocolate. It still tastes delicious to all the kids and they can have lots of fun making s'mores. Parents like them too.

Watrermelon Fun

Camping gives you a great opportunity to eat outside and enjoy the company of good friends.

Invite all the kids for a healthy snack of watermelon and make some new friends.

Exploring RV's and Camping Trailers

Watch as we walk around the campground with baby Olivia. On one short walk we could see many different types of trailers, motorhomes and park models. Some trailers were huge and some were small pop-ups. Our own trailer is a bit older, but still in excellent condition and serves us very well every summer. Of course park models are the biggest of them all and more resemble camping cabins then RV's. Have a look yourself.  

Family Tents

Walk around a campground with us and see different types of family tents. They come in many shapes and sizes and we could not possibly cover them all. Some tents have multiple rooms, some have one large room only that can fit a family of four, some are taller and some are lower. Same goes for screenhouses. See for yourself and take your pick.

Camping with Baby

This year was a special year for our family: I had a baby girl. Olivia was only 3-months old when we took her camping for the first time. As you can see she was a happy camper and we were really enjoying her company. See all her firsts: first campfire, first time on the beach and first dip in the lake.

Camping with a baby can be fun and easy. As we found out, contrary to popular opinion, you don't really need much extra equipment just for the baby. For more tips see my blog post on camping with a baby.

Great American Backyard Campout 2011

There is not too early to plan your campout with Great American Backyard Campout on June 25, 2011.

Dutch Oven Potatoes

This a tasty and easy recipe for potatoe dish, which may easily turn into a whole meal. Enjoy ease of cooking in a Dutch oven. You may even try it at home.

One Pot Meals in Dutch Oven

Here is a great video with 3 easy recipes for one-pot cooking: chicken stew, beef stew and beans. Nothing beats the ease and taste of Dutch oven meals cooked over the coals.

Intro to Dutch Oven Cooking

New camping season is coming, so get out all of those old Dutch ovens or get a new one and cook over the campfire.

Family Camping

This video gives many good tips on camping with children.

And see those huge tents!

Snowshoe Geocaching

It is cold and snowy oustside- perfect for getting out for some snowshoeing, geocaching or both.

So get out and have fun with your whole family.

Camper looses AC Unit Under Bridge

Be warned! This video reminds all RVers to drive carefully and remember what the height of your RV is (including A/C and other things on the roof).

Happy Camper Recommends Outdoorsy Gifts

Watch as Kevin Callan, aka Happy Camper, recommends some cool and useful gifts for outdoorsy people on Canada AM.

Click here to see my recommendations for gifts for campers.

Newbie Geocaching 101

In this video see how newbies are starting to get outside and enjoy geocaching.

Geocaching requires use of a portable, hand-held GPS to pinpoint coordinates of a "cache". Cache is usually a little box filled with "treasures" such as dollar store trinkets. They do not present a big value, but it is the fun of the search that counts. You take a prize from the cache and leave a little something behind for others to find. Nowadays caches can be found almost anywhere. You can go to a remote mountain or a local park.

So get going with your kids, they will love it.