Red Bay Amazing Race

This video shows The Amazing Race camping style organized on the Labour Weekend at Red Bay Park. There were 13 games/pit stops to complete:


1. Balloon back baskets

2. Wet sponge over and under

3. Mummy wrap

4. Human centipede

5. Water bottle bowling

6. Don't be cheesy

7. Get 100 points

8. Obstacle course

9. Card house build

10. What's your name?

11. Are you nuts!

12. Oreo cookie challenge

13. Catch the balloon


All tasks were very innovative and challenging for kids, but you have to watch to find out what exacltly they had to do. The winning team named "?????" received huge portions of ice cream at the park store as the first prize. The second team called "Super Fries" won smaller ice cream cones.