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Beata Antoszek here. 

As the Publisher of MomandDadCamping.com I invite you to become a member of our supportive chat forum. This is the place to ask questions and get answers on all topics relating to family camping.

By joining our community, you will be a part of a special group of people who all have a common interest- spending time outdoors and camping with children. Here are a few reasons that I believe you should participate in our group:


  • You can share information about best activities, recipes and parks
  • You can ask questions about health and safety
  • You can ask questions of other forum members about different types of camping equipment
  • You will get a lot of tips and pointers for your next trip
  • You will be instilled with inspiration for your next adventure

    Don’t hesitate joining when you can receive so much valuable information from others just like you today. While your family is unique, there are others who have faced similar questions and circumstances who want to help.

    I would like to invite you to join our community to share your stories, ask your questions and find your answers about camping. So, go ahead and join now. It is so much fun!!!

    I'll be one of the first to welcome you.


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    Beata Antoszek, Mother of Mark
    Publisher, MomandDadCamping.com
    Toronto, ON, Canada