The Ultimate Campground Log v6.0.3.0 Released

With the permission of Beata I am posting this message.

My wife and I have developed a program for campers that we would like to share with other campers.

The name of the program is The Ultimate Campground Log. The software is FREE. There are two versions on our website.
One is Green and the other is a Blue/Black gradient background. Both versions have the same functions just different backgrounds.
Try them both if you want, you can install one over the other. If you uninstall the program it will delete the programs database.

The program allows campers to track information, including photos and maps, about campgrounds you have visited or wish to visit.

You may need admin rights to install it on some systems and on some computers running anti-virus programs it will try to block
the program from accessing the internet, you need to allow it as The Ultimate Campground Log accesses the internet when you
want it to. You are not forced to access the internet but a few places in the program let you access email and websites depending
on the information you store in the program.

There are no banner ads, popups or any other kind of revenue-generating advertising on our website.

The website is:

I hope this program is something you all can use.


The Ultimate Campground Log v6.4.0.0 is now released.

Thought you might like to know there is a new upgrade to The Ultimate Campground Log.
Version is now released.

You can get it from the website at:

There is a new pictures and maps section.
In the Checklist section, checklist buttons on the left side of screen can now be renamed.
A new search option in the welcome screen.
New picture compression. This allows for a smaller database and faster program responce.
New option for creating a database from your database for another user.

The Ultimate Campground Log v6.2.0.0 now released.

The Ultimate Campground Log v6.2.0.0 now released.

Well I could not leave it alone, I had to add more functions to the program.

The Ultimate Campground Log now supports transferring your database and or
campground information with attachments from within the program. You can
send this information to multiple people at the same time. There is a built in
email name/address list you can just pick from to send to your family/friends.

These options were added because there is no standard with email programs and some
people had a problem when the program tried to use a persons default email program.
It no longer uses your default email program and uses the internal one.
We tried using your default but most email programs would not allow attachments,
problem now solved.

I hope you all enjoy this release.

Just download it from and install it right over
your current one. No need to uninstall the one you have installed now.
You database will be left intact.


The Ultimate Campground Log v6.0.3.0 is now released.

The Ultimate Campground Log v6.0.3.0 is now released.

1. You can now have multiple databases stored where ever you want them.
2. The Background Screen can now be chosen from 7 provided or add one of your own from an Image file.
3. You can now generate databases from with in the program.

Just some more enhancements people wanted.


The Ultimate Campground Log Version

The Ultimate Campground Log Version is now released.

The main new option in this version was a little challenging.
You can now copy campground information from one database to
another. This will allow you to copy campgrounds from a friends
database to your own. You can copy as little as one campground
or all of them to your database if you want.

Install this version over your existing one if you already
have it installed. It will not overwrite your existing database.

All the request and bug reports from users have now been implemented.
Other then bug fixes this update is the last for a while.

If you have any suggestions or find a bug in the program,
please go to our forum and leave a message there.

Get your copy at

Thank you.


This needed updating

I think there is a newer version of this program from what I am reading here. I am running version for Mac OS X and there is a Windows version also. I think the name has changed to The Ultimate Campground Log MW but it seems to cover just about anything you can think about camping. I love this program.

Just thought you all might want to know.