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Buying a New RV

Are you thinking about buying a new RV? Whether you are a seasoned camper or not the time may come when you start longing for a newer, bigger, better or simply any RV.

Exploring RV's and Camping Trailers

Watch as we walk around the campground with baby Olivia. On one short walk we could see many different types of trailers, motorhomes and park models. Some trailers were huge and some were small pop-ups. Our own trailer is a bit older, but still in excellent condition and serves us very well every summer. Of course park models are the biggest of them all and more resemble camping cabins then RV's. Have a look yourself.  

Camper looses AC Unit Under Bridge

Be warned! This video reminds all RVers to drive carefully and remember what the height of your RV is (including A/C and other things on the roof).

Why I Love RVing

RV Fire Safety

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There is a lot of talk about fire safety at the campground and in the woods, and for obvious reasons. Nobody wants to start a forest fire.

RV Camping Video-Great Family Vacation Ideas

This is a nice video from EL Monte RV Rentals (no association). It gives you some great ideas about advantages of RVing vacation with your family.

Time to get on the road again. Enjoy!

5 Tips to Green up Your RVing

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And I always thought that green and RVing didn’t mix. Well, this is no longer the case. As it turns out you can actually save energy by going RVing.

RV Industry Centennial Celebration

Did you know that 2010 marks 100 yeas of the RV industry in the United States? It came a long way from horse-drawn caravans to luxury motorhomes we enjoy today.

Have a look yourself.

Protect Your RV from Rodents

This video is a continuation on the subject of winterizing.

Before closing off your RV for the winter, make sure to make it an unfriendly place for rodents and bugs.

We had a major mice infestation after our first winter. We just did not think about doing anything in the fall to protect our trailer from mice. As we discovered in the spring, they made our place their home. Actually, they felt so well in there that they kept coming back again and again every night, even after the rightful owners (that is us) returned. So take some steps to prevent mice and other creatures from entering your property. I would also recommend leaving some mouse traps set-up around the place, just in case they do get in.

Winterizing Your RV

Winter is near and this means winterizing your RV's pipes with some antifreeze. Usually you can have it done for you by the experts (at your park or at the dealer's) for a fee or you can do it yourself.

If you decide that you can do it, but you still need some help, watch this video first. It is very helpul in understanding all the things you need to do.

But make no mistake, there is much more to winterizing a trailer than this. First of all it is necessary to check your roof. If the trailer is an older model, the roof may require some fixing and waterproofing. Otherwise covering the AC unit may be sufficient.

Another option is buying an RV cover. It should be made of brathable material, so that moisture won't get trapped inside. Good cover may save you a lot of headache in the springtime.


House or Camper?

This RV camper, designed by two Japanese students, transforms from a truck to a 2-storey house.

How ingenius! I am truly amazed.

Camping Guide for Beginners

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Camping Guide for Beginners

If you didn’t grow up camping, a little research can save you a lot of time and aggravation. The first step is visiting a camping show. Here, you will develop a sense of the entire market and all of the cool toys that are available.

Why RVing is Cool

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 Why RVing is Cool:

Camping in an RV offers many more activity options vs. staying in a hotel or worse, just staying home. When you travel in an RV, the list of destinations is endless as is the list of possible activities upon arrival.


Cool Things to Do:

You've Had Enough of Tent Camping: What's Next

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You’ve Had Enough of Tent Camping: What’s Next?

Tent camping is not for the frail. Hey, it’s a great way to get started if you are on a shoestring budget. Some folks continue to camp in tents their entire camping life, and they love it. I gave up tent camping as soon as I could afford something with a few more creature comforts.