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Keeping It Together: How to Organize Your Tent and Keep It That Way

In the blink of an eye, your tent is filled with piles of clothing, wet towels, half-inflated air mattresses, unrolled sleeping bags, dirty diapers, and your child’s new rock collection. Keeping the family tent neat and clean is a priority for camping parents. Consider these tips on your next trip to help keep your tent organized:

Sweet Dreams in the Great Oudoors

Actually sleeping in a tent is an entirely difference experience from telling ghost stories with a flash light in the backyard. Factors like weather conditions, temperature, tent size, number of occupants, and, most importantly, age of the campers can turn a much anticipated camping adventure into the longest night of your life. So how do you ensure your kids have sweet dreams while sleeping under the stars?

Family Tents

Walk around a campground with us and see different types of family tents. They come in many shapes and sizes and we could not possibly cover them all. Some tents have multiple rooms, some have one large room only that can fit a family of four, some are taller and some are lower. Same goes for screenhouses. See for yourself and take your pick.

Family Camping

This video gives many good tips on camping with children.

And see those huge tents!

KidCo PeaPod

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Do you travel a lot with your kids? Do you need to drag along a travel crib or pack and play?

How to Prepare Your Camping Gear for the Winter

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Winter is almost here and most of us already forgot about our camping gear, now stored in some dark corner in your garage.

Packing Your Canoe

If you intend to go camping in a canoe this video by Happy Camper shows you ho to pack your gear properly and efficiently.

To read more about canoeing with kids go to: Family Canoe Camping

Backpacking with Children

As many backpacking enthusiasts tell me, backpacking is a sport and should be taken seriously. It is not just a little stroll in the woods and it has its own rules and requirements.


Bicycle Camping with Kids

Many good cyclists love the idea of taking the whole family camping by bike. Certainly you can’t beat the savings that can be achieved this way.

6 Tips for Camping on a Tight Budget


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Camping is considered a cheaper alternative to many other travel options. But as many new campers realized, the costs of purchasing new camping equipment add up and may not be as cheap as we would like.

Cool Camping Gadgets

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Are you a gadget guy or gal? Myself, I am always on the lookout for some new and cool stuff. Even if I don’t buy it all, it is good to keep up with what is new out there.


Camping Chairs for Kids

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Almost every campsite I have ever been to had a picnic table. It is great for the weekend trips and meals. You can even put it inside of your screen house for the protection from the elements and mosquitoes. But for sitting around the campfire and going to the beach you will need a folding chair.

Tips on Choosing Air Mattress for Kids

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My worst memories about tent camping are related to sleeping on a lousy air mattress.  Waking up with an aching back can ruin your whole camping experience, don’t you think?

7 Rules of Selecting a Great Family Camping Tent

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Tents come in quite a few shapes and sizes. Most modern tents are dome shaped and some are more house-like shaped and some are a combination. Some tents, especially the larger and taller ones, use aluminum poles and outside ropes and stakes to support them. The dome tents tend to be stand alone structures, supported by flexible poles connected by stretchable cord running inside them.