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Hiking with Your Baby Is Easy

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You're deep in the forest on a quiet spring day...the birds are singing, the trees are providing you with shade and the occasional breeze, and the terrain you're walking on is smooth, but not too easy so you feel like you're accomplishing something by hiking. The best part? Your baby is strapped to you, getting his or her first taste of nature.

Orienteering for Dummies

Tracy Anne Alverson-Euler 

Get your toddler and kids oriented with orienteering!

If you aren't familiar with orienteering, it's time! For the adventurer in all of us, this is the perfect way to teach kids [and adults too] how to use maps to find your way through the forest. Even the younger kids can do it [toddlers especially love orienteering] and it's a great trade to have in a world that uses GPS system to get us where we need to go.

Maple Fest

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Arrival of spring and March Break in Canada mean a week off from school. For some families it is a week spent in warmer climates, but for those who enjoy winter, it is the last week of skiing as well as a visit to the sugarbush for Maple Fest.


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Do you feel stuck inside during winter months?

Signing Time! Volume 8: The Great Outdoors DVD

Signing Time! Volume 8: The Great Outdoors

Rachel, Alex, Leah, and their frog Hopkins invite you to explore The Great Outdoors. You will go on a singing and signing adventure as you learn the signs for animals, bugs, activities, and objects you encounter in your 'great backyard'.

Donna Erickson's Great Outdoors Fun Book (Prime Time Family Series)

Donna Erickson comes up with over fifty nifty ideas to help readers have fun outdoors, from planning a block-party art fair, to gardening like a pro, to playing Backyard Golf with your family. Erickson is an expert in creative fun for building strong families.

Let's Go Outside!: Outdoor Activities and Projets to Get You and Your Kids Closer to Nature

From the author of I Love Dirt! comes a new selection of outdoor games, projects,
and adventures specifically for families with children ages 8–12.

The Adventurous Book of Outdoor Games: Classic Fun for Daring Boys and Girls

A World of Adventure Outside Your Door!

Hidden deep within the most secret of secret chambers was a magical book filled with daring and adventurous games for boys and girls. For years, many feared this book had been lost... until now.

The Adventurous Book of Outdoor Games contains a treasure trove of the best neighborhood games invented by children since the beginning of time. This book is your passkey to a world of secret missions, last-minute victories, and thrilling chases.

More than 100 Great Games Including:

Hug A Tree: And Other Things To Do Outdoors With Young Children

Make a rainbow, take a bird to lunch, or measure the wind. Parents and teachers will be able to guide children on a magical discovery tour of the outdoors.

Cradle to Canoe: Camping and Canoeing With Children

You're never too young to go camping and canoeing. Certified canoeing instructors Rolf and Debra Kraiker have paddled thousands of miles together. Their sons, Kyle and Brendan, ages 9 and 12, have logged more wilderness miles than most adults three times their ages.

Kids in the Wild: A Family Guide to Outdoor Recreation

Family-tested advice on outdoor adventures with kids of all ages.

The Outdoor Family Fun Guide: A Complete Camping, Hiking, Canoeing, Nature Watching, Mountain Biking, Skiing, Climbing, and

You can share your favorite outdoor recreations with your children, no matter what their age. Michael Hodgson and his 14-year-old daughter, Nikki, veterans of many such adventures, tell you how you can adapt your outdoor sports and trips to make them fun and safe for your kids, too. Learn how to: Pick the right equipment; Plan that camping trip; Survive the wilderness; Introduce your kids to outdoor sports. Includes a "shopping list" of ultimate adventures, from rafting to cattle drives.

How to Become a Seasonal Camper

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Is seasonal camping for you?