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Let's Go Outside-Stone Crafts-The Little Humbugs

In this lovely video you can learn how to make stone art with your kids. This craft can be as easily made at home as at your campsite. All you need is hot stones (you can get them warmed up over the campfire- parental help is required) and wax crayons. Viola! Hot stone art is ready.

Stargazing for Campers

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Stargazing and camping go hand in hand. Where else can you see the stars so clearly? City lights make seeing stars very difficult if not impossible. I must say that I have never managed to see the Milky Way before going out to the countryside. But what can be more beautiful than the summer sky filled with twinkling stars? August brings us meteor showers with shooting stars to wish upon. How romantic. But it is also an opportunity for some education.

Join the Great American Backyard Campout

This year again National Wildlife Federation is promoting Great American Backyard Campout on June 26-27, 2010. You can register online to participate and you will get tips and recipes in return.

Of course you do not HAVE to register to be a part of it. Just gather your kids, neighbours and take out your tent and you are ready. Actually, this can be a great preparation for the camping season, just before the summer vacation starts. So air out your tent or buy a new one if you need it and learn how to set it up for the fist time.

See my "7 Rules of Selecting Great Family Camping Tent".

What is Geocaching

Did you ever wonder what is geocaching? Now you know!

Would you like to know what you need to start? How about a GPS device solely dedicated to geocaching?

Geocaching for Families

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Geocaching becomes more and more popular with campers, but what is it? You might think of it as hi-tech treasure hunt combined with orienteering. In geo caching a GPS device is used to hide and find hidden objects or clues for the next location. The geo caching may take a form of a game or an adventure for the whole family.

Best Ways to Watch Wildlife at Night

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So you are taking your kids on the camping adventure. What could be more adventurous than watching some wildlife after dark?

Here are some tips:



How to Backpack with Kids

This is a nice video about backpacking with kids. Backpacking and hiking is a great activity for all ages, but we need to remember that kids will slow us down, won't go as far as we would like to and in general require a lot more "stuff" than adults.

Creative Camping: Bringing Fun into the Forest

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I've always been a creative parent. Chalk it up to a childhood with little money to spend on anything but imagination or call it all a product of never quite growing up.

Campfire Cozy: Two Fireside Activities that Kick Kumbaya's Butt

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There's one thing to be said about camping and fireside snuggles, they go hand and hand like chocolate and marshmallows squished between a graham cracker. And while I love a good old fashioned sing-along as much as the next girl, I much prefer more creative ways of enjoying the cozy glow of the campfire.

Having FUN With Camping Trip Photos

How To Have Fun Playing Games When Camping

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One of the great joys of going camping is the games you play – not just the kids but adults too.

Tips to Make your Hike a Fun One

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Hiking can be a blast as long as everything goes smoothly, so   don't be afraid to take your kids hiking with you.

Take the Whole Family Hiking!

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When we think of hiking, we think of people throwing backpacks on their shoulders and toughing out the rough terrain. In other words, an entire day spent on hiking an intense trail. But the truth is that you don’t have to rough it and you don’t have to worry about anything being intense. There are hiking trails out there that are family friendly. This means that you and the kids can go hiking quite easily.

Keeping the Kids Occupied on Your Next Camping Trip

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Kids get bored easily and camping trips can be grounds for boredom if your kids are used to the many technological advances that they have grown accustomed to. This means that you have a job ahead of you. You want to be able to keep the kids occupied, but at the same time you want to interest them in the camping trip rather than bring all the conveniences of home with you.

Having Fun with Camping

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20 fun things to do while camping:

1. Sing folk songs while setting up camp.

2. See who can collect the most firewood in fifteen minutes.

3. Play frisbee [away from the camp fire of course]

4. Find a body of water to splash in

5. Fish and cook your catch