Kids Hiking Boots

Hiking is a very popular activity while camping. Whether going for a simple walk or doing some serious backpacking, it is a great way to explore and children love it.

We as parents have to remember that kids require good hiking boots, just as we do. Hiking in sandals, Crocs and flip-flops is not a very good idea because of:


1. comfort- sandals and flip-flops do not offer good support

2. safety- stepping on sharp rocks, poisonus plants (poison ivy) or even a snake can be very dangerous.


That is why we need to outfit the little ones with serious hiking shoes similar to ours.


So how about these cool adventure shoes everybody else is wearing on the trail? Well this year’s must haves are Hi-Tec Multiterra Targa HPi. They are good for running and climbing rocks and will keep your feet cool and dry all day. Kids have their own model and the price is very affordable.