Favourite Camping Activities

My kids love camping and we love camping too. And each year we look forward to the same activities that never get old and tired, even though we go to the same campround every year. I am also sure that these outdoor activities are the favourites of many families.



Here is a sample of our last season's camping activities:


FriendsPlaying with friends.

There is nothing better than some good times with some good frinds no matter what age you are. Wheather you are one or 99 years old you can still enjoy good times around the campfire. Some friendships start with sharing a few beers, some with sharing popsicles and some taking wagon rides together.

Snapping Turtle



Watching wildlife.

Camping offers great opportunities to watch some animals. This big snapping turtle was spotted on Red Bay Road near Mar in Ontario. When one driver tried to move it to the side of the road with a pole it snapped at the pole-luckily it wasn't anyone's hand.


Olivia in the lake


There is no better summer passtime than going to the beach and swimming in the lake. Shallow water is perfect for splashing for the kids, while adults can enjoy a swim a little deeper.



What are your favourite camping activities?