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Camping with Kids: an Inspiration

Nature: Your Inspiration and Healer

Do you feel sad and lonely sometimes? Did you lose the spark in your eyes? It happens to the best of us. What you need is some nature therapy.

Get away, go camping for the weekend. Reconnect with yourself and your inner child. Stop the racing thoughts in your mind. Relax and breathe deeply. Let nature inspire you and calm you down. Remember, as an adult you need some freedom. Freedom from everyday routine, work and chores.

Perhaps rekindle your art interests that were long forgotten. While in the great outdoors you can feel it again in your soul. Is it music, is it painting or photography? Make a mental note. Notice the sounds, notice the pictures. What did you like doing when you were a kid?

Let your kids run wild for a few minutes. It is not the end of the world, they need some freedom, too. The best yet, go running with them. Play tag, go swimming, go hiking. There is nobody watching you...and if they are, it is OK. Let your hair down for a day or two. Your kids will appreciate it, too. Perhaps they also forgot the playful side of you.

Some call it escape from reality, I call it going back to your roots. What is important in your life, what will you remember when you get old: playing with your kids or your job?

Watch the video and get inspired...

Red Bay Amazing Race

This video shows The Amazing Race camping style organized on the Labour Weekend at Red Bay Park. There were 13 games/pit stops to complete:


1. Balloon back baskets

2. Wet sponge over and under

3. Mummy wrap

4. Human centipede

5. Water bottle bowling

6. Don't be cheesy

7. Get 100 points

8. Obstacle course

9. Card house build

10. What's your name?

11. Are you nuts!

12. Oreo cookie challenge

13. Catch the balloon


All tasks were very innovative and challenging for kids, but you have to watch to find out what exacltly they had to do. The winning team named "?????" received huge portions of ice cream at the park store as the first prize. The second team called "Super Fries" won smaller ice cream cones.


Swimming at the Bruce Peninsula National Park

This video shows my son Mark swimming in the turqoise waters of the Georgian Bay near the Indian Head Cove.The water there is very deep, but so crysal clear, that you can see all the rocks at the bottom. Oh, and did I mention it is freezing cold? Yet, it is so beautiful there that nobody can resist having a dip or two.

Canadian National Fishing Week 2015

Canada's National Fishing Week July 4-12, 2015

Great American Backyard Capmpout 2013

Join your neighbours again this year for the Great American Backyard Campout coming up this Saturday June 22, 2013.

Favourite Camping Activities

My kids love camping and we love camping too. And each year we look forward to the same activities that never get old and tired, even though we go to the same campround every year. I am also sure that these outdoor activities are the favourites of many families.



Here is a sample of our last season's camping activities:


Beach Baby

Afer 3 days of warming up to the idea of "big water" Olivia (16 months) became a beach baby. While at first she didn't want to touch the water, after observing other kids and babies splashing, she was thrilled to spash with them and run around in the shallow waters of Red Bay. We couldn't take her out of the water without her crying. And as soon as we put her back on the shore she returned to the water.

Does you baby love water?

Camping Fun for Kids

What could be more fun than typical camping activities: playing in the sand, splashing in the lake, playing board games with friends and wagon rides for little ones.

We all had our fun last summer, but the kids had a blast. Nobody missed any TV time. Nothing can beat the outdoors in the summer.

Snowshoe Geocaching

It is cold and snowy oustside- perfect for getting out for some snowshoeing, geocaching or both.

So get out and have fun with your whole family.

Newbie Geocaching 101

In this video see how newbies are starting to get outside and enjoy geocaching.

Geocaching requires use of a portable, hand-held GPS to pinpoint coordinates of a "cache". Cache is usually a little box filled with "treasures" such as dollar store trinkets. They do not present a big value, but it is the fun of the search that counts. You take a prize from the cache and leave a little something behind for others to find. Nowadays caches can be found almost anywhere. You can go to a remote mountain or a local park.

So get going with your kids, they will love it.

Bruce Peninsual National Park

The water was cold and clear, the weather hot hot hot and the scenery breathtaking. Perfect combination. Watch as kids and parents frolic in the aquamarine waters of Indian Head Cove at the Bruce Peninsula National Park. My son Mark had a ball with his friend Sabina, and despite freezing and deep water could not be pulled out to shore.

This was a lot of fun!

Favorite Kids Activities

It is the beginning of fall and so it is time to sum up our summer camping adventures.

These were and are our all time favourite activities for kids in the summer:


Hiking on the Bruce Trail

Family Canoe Camping

Many parents would like to know how old a child should be before getting into a canoe. The truth is that it has more to do with parents’ canoe skills than the age of the child. If the parents are experienced canoeists then canoeing with one-year old would be safe and had been successfully done before.

Kids Hiking Boots

Hiking is a very popular activity while camping. Whether going for a simple walk or doing some serious backpacking, it is a great way to explore and children love it.