Health and Safety

All topics realated to health and safety while camping

Fear of Mountain Lions

Mountain lions, aka cougars or pumas, can be found mostly on the West coast of North America. In recent years their population started to increase again, but please remember that mountain lion encounters in the wild are still very rare.

How to Never Have a Serious Poison Ivy Rash Again

The secret of avoiding a serious rash after contact with poison ivy is in washing off the oil thoroughly from your skin. Please watch to see how it is done.

Kids and Dehydration

We are constantly told to drink 8 glasses of water a day (5 cups for children aged 4-8). But are you actually doing this?

Not drinking enough could result in dehydration, which in case of kids and hot weather could become dangerous.

Poison Ivy The Camper's Foe

Let’s face it: if you go camping regularly the chances are that your child will be a victim of poison ivy sooner or later. Children tend to run into the thickest bushes to play hide and seek despite all the warnings from adults.

Fear of Camping

Are you afraid to take your kids camping? Camping can be challenging, but the rewards are worth the effort. The key is to be well prepared. So let’s have a look at the most common fears:

1. Wild animals.

How to Remove a Tick with a Cotton

This is really easy.

Campfire Safety

Last year we had terrible draughts across North America and in many places campfires were prohibited. All it takes is one spark and the entire forest could go up in flames. It is important to follow local fire restrictions and fire bans, even if it causes an inconvenience. That is why all campers should have a portable stove. Although food tastes better when prepared over the real fire, portable stoves should be a part of every camper’s equipment.

Clothing and Footwear to Keep You Kids Safe

If you are new to camping with kids, or camping in general, one of the first safety precautions you need to consider is clothing and footwear. Proper outdoor apparel prevents hypothermia in the cold, overheating in the winter, insect bites, sunburn, and camping related injuries. Whether you’re planning a weekend of hiking in mountainous terrain, swimming, or just hanging out by the campfire, outfitting your kids in proper clothing should be a top priority.

What Could Go Wrong When Camping with Baby

What could go wrong when you go camping with your baby? This must be a big question for all new parents who would like to go camping again. How should we prepare? What extra equipment do we need? Is it really safe?

The answer is: it depends on you and your baby. 

How to Survive if You are Lost in the Woods

Everyone should know some simple things to do that help you survive in the woods. Watch this humorous video to learn the basic steps for survival.

Hopefully, you will never have to use them, but it is a good idea to be prepared and to know what to do.

How to Survive a Bear Attack

Here is another video on the subject of bears. Funny characters give some good tips on what to do if you encouter a bear or a bear attacks you.

This is not for kids who might get scared!

Bear Encounters

Did you ever wonder how dangerous black bears really are and what to do to avoid bear encounter and even more importantly a bear attack? Are you or your kids afraid of bears?

Black Bear Re-conditioning

They used to say: "Fed bear is a dead bear". The truth is that bears love human food and once they develop a taste for it they loose natural fear of humans they will keep coming again and again. In this quest for our food they may become agressive and dangerous and the only solution is to take them down.

In this short presentation a representative from Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources shows how black bears can be re-conditioned to be afraid of humans. This project is still in its experimental stage, but shows a great promise.

Basically a  bear is first put to sleep and tags are attached to his ear and a part of his tooth is removed (to tell bear's age).

When he wakes up he has a toothache and a headache (from traquilizers) and then it is yelled at and hit, and rubber bullets are shot at it's rear end. Yes, it is very painful and scary, but does not really harm the bear. So now he is very afraid of humans and never comes back. At least this is the premise of this operation.

As we were told, the Bear Control unit had a great success with this approach so far, so the bear's life could be speared.

Good job!

Bear Wise: Bear Encounters

Did you ever wonder how dangerous black bears really are and what to do to avoid bear encounter and even more importantly a bear attack? Are your kids afraid of bears?

Listen to the pros from Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

You will learn that bears:

  • hide from people
  • do not attack to kill
  • how noise may scare them away
  • what to do when attacked

This presentation was given by MNR representative to campers at Red Bay Park in August 2010. Black bears regularly visit park's garbage dump and are abundant on Bruce Peninsula.

Removing Ticks

This is another video about ticks. This time Happy Camper shows you how to remove a tick already attached to you.

Read more about ticks here:Ticks and Camping