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Outback Outfitters, Inc. Family Camping Guide

40 years of rugged outdoor experiance, tips, and adventures are brought through the pages and conveyed to the reader in a delighful, fun, verse. The information on each topic is entertaining and very pertinent in understanding camping skills and safety. Any person reading this book will be rewarded with a huge dose of outdoor confidence. It's not over-powering and does an excellent job in painting a mental picture on correct outdoor procedures. Hundreds of topics are covered. From handling bugs and forest critters, to sleeping bags,setting up tents, to wierd ways to cook.

The Joy of Family Camping

Here is a complete introductory guide to making family camping safe and fun.

L.L. Bean Family Camping Handbook (L. L. Bean)

An invaluable guide for active parents, covering all the basics for a lifetime of exciting, safe camping experiences with children.

Camping and Backpacking With Children

Making trail life with children enjoyable -- handling a pack, setting up camp, and navigating in the wilderness, all covered in detail.

Guide To Happy Family Camping

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