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Go Camping and Have Tons of Fun!

Dear Moms and Dads,

Do you want to make your next trip a success even with kids in tow?

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Beata and JacekBeata lives in Toronto, Canada, with her husband Jacek, son Mark and daughter Olivia. They spend a lot of time each year camping in Ontario. Despite its long winters, Ontario is a real camper's paradise with numerous parks and beautiful nature.

Outdoor Adventures With Kids

Introducing a child to the exciting world of nature is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give. Challenging outdoor activities such as backpacking, biking, or canoeing can help children develop the self-confidence and self-esteem they need to become successful, caring adults. This guide is packed with useful information on camping, enjoying nature without harming it, taking advantage of special wilderness opportunities, and more.

Willy Whitefeather's Outdoor Survival Handbook for Kids

From treating a bee sting to building an overnight shelter, kids will gain the knowledge and confidence they need to survive outdoors.

Monsters In The Woods: Backpacking With Children

Whether your kids are afraid of monsters in the woods... or you are afraid they will be the monsters: why and how you should take your children backpacking

Despite America's enthusiasm for outdoors activities like hiking and backpacking, most books on these subjects focus on adults. Backpacking, however, is an ideal activity for the entire family. Tim Hauserman, who is both an experienced outdoors guide and the father of two daughters, now offers a handbook for parents who would like to introduce their children to backpacking and camping.

Campfire Companion

Sometimes you need to get away and escape from the hustle and bustle of the real world. The wilderness calls and there is no other choice but to pack up your camping gear and get away from it all. Campfire Companion is a charming medley of campfire miscellany that will appeal to every member of the family. There is nothing more enticing and enchanting than relaxing around a campfire as the evening draws in, gazing into its glowing embers and conversing with like-minded individuals, long into the night.

Essential Family Camper

"Hassle-free camping is a pleasure, and this field-tested resource is a complete guide."--Outdoor Traveler

The Parent's Guide to Camping With Children

Camping (Outdoor Action Guides)

Parents' Guide to Hiking & Camping: A Trailside Guide

Active parents are venturing into the outdoors with their children in surprising numbers, and what they need most is help in making sure their adventures measure up to everyone's expectations. This complete, practical, and unique guide is guaranteed to do just that, while ensuring that family outings are fun, safe, and memorable. Focusing on infants through pre-teens, it offers reassuring answers to parents' most-asked questions, including: How do I choose a child carrier that won't break my back? How far can a two-year-old hike? When will my kids be ready for backpacking?

Camping: Prepare and Enjoy the Great Outdoors!

Are you interested in going camping or have you been camping and things did not go as planned? What if you knew how to be better prepared so you and those with you can just spend time having fun and relaxing. How many times have you arrived at the campground only to find you have forgotten some essential peice of gear like your toothbrush, medication, a can opener, chairs, sunblock, insect spray, your pillow, a torch, or worse the batteries? A checklist is an essential part of preparation for camping or any holiday. An extensive checklist is included in this guide.

Camping for Dummies

You love the great outdoors, but you’re not always sure the great outdoors loves you. You can pitch a tent, start a campfire, build furniture by lashing tree branches together – in theory anyway! But while you may not have gotten your Girl Scout Gold Award, or your Eagle Scout with cluster, you can still enjoy a night out under the stars with those near and dear to you, or even work towards becoming a more serious outdoorsman, right?

Sure as a bear lives in the woods, Camping for Dummies shows you how to get out there and enjoy the best Mother Nature has to offer.

Camping With Kids

Learn the basics of family camping from longtime outdoorswoman Goldie Silverman and the legion of experienced kid and parent campers that lent their voices to this authoritative, yet fun and whimsical book. Novice and experienced campers alike will find the tips in Camping with Kids invaluable. Whether car, tent, or RV-camping, you will find everything you need to know from preparing your family for a camping trip, to setting up camp, to what to do if things should go awry.