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Let the Camping Season Begin

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For me and many other Canadians Victoria Day weekend (around May 24) always marks the official opening of the camping season. For many of you in the USA the Memorial weekend marks the same occasion.

Alcohol Ban at Select Canadian Parks

Some Canadian Parks, including Alberta National Parks, banned alcohol use for the Victoria Day long weekend.

This controversial move had people talking: should we be allowed to have a beer while realaxing beside the campfire or should we not? Apparently some people do not know when to stop drinking and cause all kinds of trouble, spoiling the fun of camping for the rest of us. To stop them all alcohol use became prohibited in some parks. Is it working? Alberta Parks staff say it is and many families are supporting the move as well.

What do you think?

125 Years of Parks Canada

This year Parks Canada celebrates 125 years of the first national park in Banff. In 2011 it will celebrate 100 anniversary of the first national park service in the world.

To mark these special occasions Parks Canada is planning many exciting events and activities. Celebrations will include a free day at all national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas on Parks Day, July 17.

Parks Canada also announced price freeze for its entrance fees and camping fees for this year.

So come and celebrate with us by visiting a national park or two this summer.

Happy 125 Birthday Parks Canada, eh!


Solar Recharger from Brunton

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This is a new product that I really like. It is environmentally friendly since it uses solar energy to recharge popular electronics used while camping, such as digital cameras and GPS devices.

President Obama in Yellowstone National Park

This short video shows footage from 2009 visit of president Obama and his family to Yellowstone National Park. As it turns out he was following in the footsteps of many presidents who also visited the park.

Andrea Bocelli- Canto Della Terra

Happy Valentine's Day to all the romantics!

This must be the most romantic song in the world, so listen to it together with your sweetie.

Other romantic things to do for FREE:

1. Write "I Love You" in the snow (if there is any left) in front of your house and let him/her see it from the window.

2. Go for a romantic walk toghether. Dress up warmly if it is cold out. Get a few kisses to warm up.

3. Go camping, if possible in your area, and snuggle with your partner by the campfire. For more romantic suggestions for camping see the article on Rustic Romance.



100 Years of Scouting

February 8, 2010 marks 100 years of Boy Scouts of America. World Scouting celebrated its centennial anniversary in 2007.

Take a moment to watch this great video and reflect how scouting influenced many lives of boys and girls throughout the world. Scouting teaches virtues, character development and survival skills. It also gives urban kids a chance to get out into nature.

Many former scouts became avid campers with their own families. Maybe you are one of them?


Winter Checklist for Driving and Camping

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If you are planning some road trips this winter, or even winter camping, you need to put some extra items in your car for added safety and comfort. Be prepared! Winter experience of camping is very different from summer camping. Even if you consider yourself an expert in the summer doesn’t mean that you are an expert in winter.

Planning Your Next Camping Vacation

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Whether it is summertime or winter it is never too early or too late to plan your next camping trip.

Christmas Shopping for a Camper on Your List

Fall Camping

Fall is here and it is getting colder and colder, at least in some parts of the world. But it is still a great time to go camping and admire fall colours.

I hope you are not travelling alone like Susan, but her video provides some inspiration and tips for fall camping. She is a tough cookie: she can start a fire all by herself, so ladies watch and learn! After all, we all have to improvise at one time or another.

So have fun!

What Are The Rules About Camping Etiquette?

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When you go camping you have to remember that you will be in close proximity to other campers, so being respectful of others around you is mandatory. Don’t impinge on other people’s space.

Camping: Vacation on a Budget

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Economic uncertainty, layoffs and unemployment.

Are you afraid you are going to lose your job, uncertain about the future? Sure, we all are, it is perfectly normal.

Is Winter Camping for You?

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Winter camping is offered by many parks in Canada and United States. In Ontario 25 out 330 provincial parks remain operational between December 1 and March 31. Although I would not recommend tent camping in freezing temperatures for small children, staying in a yurt could be a great experience. Many provincail parks in Ontario offer yurts, including Pinery, MacGregor Point, Algonquin, Quetico, Killarney and Silent Lake .

The Beginners Guide to Camping

Of all the things you'll need for your first camping trip, "The Beginner's Guide to Camping" is probably the most important. In this fun-filled, information-packed program, you'll learn everything you need to know to make your camping experience a great one! From locating a comfortable campground to building the perfect s'more, "The Beginner's Guide to Camping" covers it all. It's the indispendable tool for the novice camper, with great tips for seasoned veterans as well.