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Will Oprah Bring More People Camping

In the past month of October we heard a lot about Oprah Winfrey visiting Yosemite National Park with her best friend Gayle. Her visit was also featured in two parts on her own show.

How to Get Our Children Outdoors

This is PART 2 of the conversation with a psychologist  Kristina Towill.

Although children today are safer then ever before, parents are driven by fear of letting them go outside. Media promote safety histeria, which feeds parental fears of dangers lurking outside.

Suprisingly, children need less drilling with flashcards and more free play outside. Experiential learning and unstructured play is as much important as curriculum studies for their development.

It allows the leaders of tomorrow to develop their own passions and simply be happy.

The Importance of Outdoor Play

This is an interesting conversation with a psychologist Kristina Towill.

She talks about how today's children are overscheduled, which suprisingly doesn't support child's brain or emotional development. Children are more stressed today than ever before.

What supports kids'development, both psychological and physical, is healthy attachement to parents/family and free, unstructured, outdoor play. Free play means playing with their peers and what is not an adult organized, indoor play.

Children playing outdoors are happy and learn firsthand about nature and animals. 

To learn more watch PART 2.

Native Indian Pow Wow at Cape Croker

This video was taken at the Native Indian Pow Wow that takes place every August at Cape Croker Indian Park on Bruce Peninsula. As we could see it was a popular event among families and kids had lots of fun.

In the last segment of the video you can watch as my son Mark tries his skills to dance in the Sacred Circle.

Camping Fun for Kids

Kids are showing some kid power and speak their minds on the subject of favourite camping activities and food.

Watch my son Mark and his friends having camping fun at Red Bay Park.


Back to School Back Outside

National Wildlife Federation reports that kids who spend more time outdoors do better at school.

So get your kids out there!

Fall Camping.

Summer is officially over, but we are still looking forward to some fall camping. We are still planning at least one more trip for Thanksgiving. This is when we winterize our RV and the park closes for the winter.

Camping on Manitoulin Island

Manitoulin boasts to be the largest freshwater island in the world and is located on the north end of Lake Huron. There are two ways you can get there from the main land:

Camping with Your Family Pet

Kids and pets go together like peas and carrots. Many families camping with kids bring along their pets. Dogs are very popular at family campgrounds, and should follow the campground rules set for pets.

Camping Tips for Women

I often find that being a woman offers some challenges that men do not have to face. It is true for camping as it is in life, but let’s concentrate on the camping aspect.

Tent Camping vs. RVing

The jury is still out on the subject what is better: tent camping or RVing.

Camping with Infants

As my mother used to say: infants are not made of sugar and will not melt. Although they are very vulnerable, for thousands of years they had to survive in less than ideal conditions and thrive in the wilderness. In general babies are very resilient and can go anywhere their parents go. Like all kids they love to be outside.

Mind Body and Soul Interview


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Hello All,

I would like to share with you my informative interview with Steve Toth on his Mind Body and Soul Show. It was broadcast on Real Coaching Radio on June 18, 2010.

Steve and I talked about many camping related topics including wildlife encounters, outdoor sports and common mistakes made by novice and even experienced campers. Listen to a story of his encounter with mountain lions.

Steve was a wonderful host and we shared a few laughs. It was a lot of fun!

Real Parenting Show on CFAX 1070


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Listen to my interview on the Real Parenting Show with Amy Bronee. It aired on CFAX 1070 (Victoria, BC) on April 24,2010.

Amy asked me many interesting questions regarding camping with kids, such as:

-What kids like the most about camping

-Tips on choosing the right campground

-7 rules of selecting the perfect family tent

-What are the new technologies that can be used for camping

-How to be a green camper

-Easy to prepare meals while camping