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Ultimate Family Camping Guide

Camping Has Been A Family Tradition For Generations – Make It A Tradition For Your Family Too!

Let’s Get You Started!

Do you remember your camping trips as a child? Of course, you do!

Get Inspired and Motivated

For a quick boost in your mood watch this little inspirational video that I created. The messages will uplift your spirits and images will make you smile. So relax and enjoy. Get motivated to exercise and get "out there" with your family and friends. Get closer to nature.

Watrermelon Fun

Camping gives you a great opportunity to eat outside and enjoy the company of good friends.

Invite all the kids for a healthy snack of watermelon and make some new friends.

Camping with Baby

This year was a special year for our family: I had a baby girl. Olivia was only 3-months old when we took her camping for the first time. As you can see she was a happy camper and we were really enjoying her company. See all her firsts: first campfire, first time on the beach and first dip in the lake.

Camping with a baby can be fun and easy. As we found out, contrary to popular opinion, you don't really need much extra equipment just for the baby. For more tips see my blog post on camping with a baby.

Stay Cool in the City

We are experiencing an unusual heat wave in Toronto this summer and I wish I could escape the city and go camping. Actually we are going camping in just a few days, but in the meantime we are reaching 92 degrees...You can't really ignore global warming anymore.

But how about these who for some reason cannot escape the city, what are they to do?

New Camping Trends

Beata Antoszek

Perhaps due to uncertain economic times camping becomes more and more popular. It offers great vacation opportunities for families at a fraction of the price. These are the trends observed by many of the experts:

Great American Backyard Campout 2011

There is not too early to plan your campout with Great American Backyard Campout on June 25, 2011.

Romantic Camping Getaways

Get Healthier By Camping

 Beata Antoszek

Health and Camping go hand in hand. Think of all the fresh air, sunshine (vitamin D) and exercise you can get while you are enjoying the outdoors.


Different Camping Styles

Beata Antoszek

No matter what type of camping you enjoy the most, there are many options waiting for you.

Camping in Winter

Beata Antoszek

Are you brave enough to take your family camping in the winter months?

Happy Camper Recommends Outdoorsy Gifts

Watch as Kevin Callan, aka Happy Camper, recommends some cool and useful gifts for outdoorsy people on Canada AM.

Click here to see my recommendations for gifts for campers.

Outdoor Clothing

Beata Antoszek

Did your mother always tell you to dress in layers? She was right.