Vision from the Past

I was just walking down one of the lines of our campground when I saw it. A sight from the past, my past. A little camper identical to the one we had when I was child. I have never seen one like it in Canada before. These were the trailers of the 70’s era made in Poland. How did it get here? A tiny little trailer that we used to haul to the seaside every year with our little Fiat. And still it could sleep four. Unbelievable.

So I summoned my kids to have a god look at it from the path (the owners were not there). They also marvelled at its size.

Our current trailer seems to be a full-size house in comparison. And yet this was this type of camper that provided me with the best childhood memories. Every year my father, and later my mother, would haul this trailer from Warsaw to the seaside town of Sopot on the Baltic Sea. This was an 8 hour trip at least. And every year we went to the same campground just by the beach. It was always full to capacity and more. There were no organized, well-marked and numbered sites that we are so used to. Everyone pitched a tent or parked their trailer wherever they could find an empty spot.

But for us kids it seemed to be a paradise. Because of the closeness of the neighbours, friendships were easy to make. Kids of all ages hang-out at the playgro

und, just like they do today. We played games of badminton till it was dark out and we could no longer see the target. We went to the beach every day, which was just behind the fence.

It never occurred to me that the trailer was small or cramped. We were still better off than most tenters.

I hope that my kids one day remember their vacations at the trailer park with as much nostalgia as I do.