More on Camping Etiquette

I know that many camping websites, including this one, have plenty of camping etiquette tips. Nevertheless, I think there could never be enough tips for new and seasoned campers alike. So here are some for you to ponder:

  1. Realize that you are not alone and keep the noise down. This an obvious one. Nobody wants to hear you shouting or your kids crying. However, if it is difficult to keep them from crying at the top of their lungs, apologize to your neighbours. And do not play any music loudly. No music. Period. Realize that most people do not share your taste.
  2. Realize that that you are not alone and other people will make noise no matter what. The campground is full to capacity (unless you go to the wilderness) and so you will hear other people. If they bother you, you may say so politely, but do not make a big deal out of it. You do not want to end up in a fight.
  3. Respect nature around you, especially the trees. If you hang your towels up to dry on a cloths-line or put up a tarp or a hammock, remember to remove all the string before you leave. Also be mindful if the tree is too thin and is bending. You do not want to break a tree or any branches off. Find a bigger, thicker tree if necessary.
  4. Buy your firewood at the camping store. It is usually forbidden to bring firewood from other areas as not to spread invasive species of bugs. Stick to this rule, even if you could bring cheap firewood from home.