Camping with My Baby

Let’s get it straight from the start. My baby is already a toddler. She is running fast and disappearing around the corner of our campground road even faster, if I don’t watch her of course.

But last year she was still a four-month old baby when we took her camping for the first time. Was it fun? Sure it was. Everyone was cooing over her watching her to experience her first campfire, first dip in the lake…How sweet!

Does she remember any of it this year? No, of course not! So here we go again with all the firsts: first campfire, first dip in the lake… or not. As it turned out she was terrified of the water and didn’t want to get near it for three days. How different from the experience with my son (now ten) who just run towards the water and sat in it splashing. Not Olivia. It took all the tricks to have her sit in the warm water near the shore, but all the entertainment in the form of plastic boats, watering can etc. had to be used at all times! She had to be splished and splashed, watered from the can and tickled on her toes.

All kids are different so we cannot really predict how they will react. Hopefully your first camping experience is sweet and memorable.

Toddlers are busybodies and have to be watched constantly. Olivia likes to chase her big brother and his friends. She thinks she is one of the gang. And she is, she is a social being after all. I think it is a great learning opportunity for her. She is learning about the real world, not just the coddled house-world and she is developing her own likes and dislikes. She loves freedom and takes advantage of it by falling into dirt and eating it. It makes her very happy. I hope she won’t get sick. She needs 3 baths a day and even more changes of clothes.

Does your baby like camping too?