Campground Neighbours

There are many types of campground neighbours, but basically they can be good or bad.

Good neighbours are so quiet that sometimes you wouldn’t even know they are there except that the lights are on in their RV.

But quiet and unseen neighbours can quickly turn bad if they spy on you and report everything you do and perhaps what you shouldn’t do to the park office. It happened to us when our  neighbours reported on our son Mark (then 4) going pee in the bush.

Some neighbours are large families with kid and dogs. While they are usually loud during the day, at least there is hope they will go to bed early. That is why they usually do not bother us and running and screaming kids are a fact of life for most families, so we understand.

On the other hand the party types are usually bad neighbours. While you lay awake thinking when they will finally stop and go to sleep, they happily drink and sing and shout till the morning hours or till the office staff/park ranger shows up. This is a common occurrence in all the parks during the summer months no matter how much you are trying to avoid it.

Another type of bad neighbours is the too friendly ones. Can somebody be too friendly? Yes, they can if they never leave you alone and want to ask all kinds of personal questions, check out the inside of your tent/RV or even taste your dinner.

So what kind of neighbour are you?