Favourite Parks and Campgrounds

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Camping in the UNESCO Biosphere

Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association defines a biosphere reserve as “international recognition that reasonable actions, with measurable outcomes, are being taken to balance conservation initiatives with sustainable development.

My Favourite Provincial Parks

I live in Ontario, Canada, and all my favourite provincial parks are close to home.

Are KOAs a Good Option

Some campers associate KOAs with roadside campgrounds that provide travelers with somewhere to stop and rest cheaply. Parents might even remember the Yogi Bear themed parks of the seventies and eighties.

How to Find a Campground That Suits Your Family


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How to Find a Campground that Suits Your Family

If you are travelling cross-country, you are constantly wondering what the next camping surprise may be. Occasionally, you will land at a campground that is so beautiful, quiet, and serene that you would make the 500 mile journey again just to spend the weekend there. These hidden jewels somehow are the best kept camping secrets. How do you find such a place? How can you be sure you don’t end up at the other end of the spectrum and end up camping amongst a cult in some town that barely made the map? Spooooooky!!!!!!!!

My Favourite Park: Pinery

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I am lucky to live in Ontario, Canada, where campgrounds are plentiful and camping is one of the all time favourite ways of recreation. This is due in part to the vast territories and beautiful nature in this country. Unfortunately, because of the seasonal whether, for most of us camping is limited to summer/fall months. But it doesn’t have to be, since many parks are open year-round and offer yurts for accommodation.