Campfire Stories

Interesting campfire stories

Kids around the Campfire

Everyone likes sitting around the fire. Even babies are fascinated by the flames. So keep the fire going and provide some food and entertainment (like singing songs) and you will have some happy campers. Always supervise your children around the campfire and teach them fire safety. Older kids should be familiar with the STOP, DROP and ROLL technique, just in case their clothing catches fire.

As you can see my baby Olivia (16 months) really enjoyed watching the fire with daddy.

Books and Games for Little Campers

Paddle to the Sea- Classic Children's Film

This is Part 1 of the children's classic film from the 60's made by Bill Mason. The film was actually nominated for an Academy Award in 1968. It was based on the 1941 book by H.C. Holling.

As we watch this movie now it brings nostalgia, as many generations of children have watched it and loved it before us. Make sure your child watches this beautiful, gentle story of the carved wooden Indian as it travels the waterways from Lake Superior to the sea.

You can watch the rest of the film by going to:

Happy watching!

What Do Camping and Halloween Have in Common?

Beata Antoszk 

What Do Camping and Halloween Have in Common?

Scary stories of course!