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Roasting Potatoes in the Campfire

Here is how to make perfect roasted potatoes in the camp-fire:

  • Start the campfire and wait a while till you have some ashes and embers
  • Wash the potatoes and wrap them in aluminum foil
  • Drop them into the fire pit and bury them in ashes the best you can. You don't want your potatoes to be burning in the fire itself.
  • Wait 10-15 minutes
  • Take them out of the fire pit carefully and unwrap. Be carefull-they will be really hot.
  • Enjoy wth salt or butter.Perfect camping food.


This is obviously a job for grown-ups since it is very easy to get burned by the flames or to fall into the pit.

Easy and Tasty Camping Food

Nothing beats campfire-prepared food. And cooking is enjoyable, too. From roasting corn on the cob, roasting hotdogs or sausages over the flames, to potatoes rosted in the coals, the taste is superior. Kids enjoy making their own food and then they enjoy eating it. No hassles and minimal clean-up, since very often no pots are involved.

Have fun and Bon appetite!

Making Smores

Making smores is a fun part of camping with kids. Mark will demonstrate how you do it. At the end it does not matter if you burn your marshmallow or if you run out of chocolate. It still tastes delicious to all the kids and they can have lots of fun making s'mores. Parents like them too.

Dutch Oven Potatoes

This a tasty and easy recipe for potatoe dish, which may easily turn into a whole meal. Enjoy ease of cooking in a Dutch oven. You may even try it at home.

One Pot Meals in Dutch Oven

Here is a great video with 3 easy recipes for one-pot cooking: chicken stew, beef stew and beans. Nothing beats the ease and taste of Dutch oven meals cooked over the coals.

Intro to Dutch Oven Cooking

New camping season is coming, so get out all of those old Dutch ovens or get a new one and cook over the campfire.

5 Easy Camping Recipes

I decided to give you five of my easiest recipes that kids love. They can be easily prepared while camping and they are all vegan and gluten free, to fit the needs of children with various sensitivities.

Healthy Camp Cooking

How to Roast the Ultimate Marshmallow

Do you think it is easy to roast a marshmallow? It is, but it is even easier to burn it! Watch how to do it properly now.

How to Make Smores

Watch how easy it is to make smores.

Now go camping!

Cooking Fish on a Rock

This interesting video shows you how to cook your catch of the day on a rock. I bet your children would love the idea. Just remember to use clean, flat, thin and solid rock.

If a rock has cracks or moisture in it it could break during the process of heating, so be carefull.

Perfect Java at Your Campsite

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So you don’t like camping because you can’t have your favourite freshly brewed coffee in the morning?

How to Select Camping Cookware

Campfire Cooking In The Great Outdoors

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The first meal of the day is breakfast and there’s nothing nicer than the smell of bacon and eggs cooking in a skillet, on top of a cooking plate, on the campfire or if you have one, a gas burner. You can even use the lid of your Dutch Oven, which is very versatile cooking pot.

Camp Cooking: 100 Years

The National Museum of Forest Service History presents a charming cookbook that celebrates decades of camp cooking by countless Forest Service agents in the field. Featuring legendary recipes for Dutch oven meals, open-fire dishes, and other tasty outdoor specialties used daily in the early days of the Forest Service, Camp Cooking has dozens of recipes, photos, and anecdotes that tell the whole history of these brave and hardy individuals.