Camping with Kids: an Inspiration

Nature: Your Inspiration and Healer

Do you feel sad and lonely sometimes? Did you lose the spark in your eyes? It happens to the best of us. What you need is some nature therapy.

Get away, go camping for the weekend. Reconnect with yourself and your inner child. Stop the racing thoughts in your mind. Relax and breathe deeply. Let nature inspire you and calm you down. Remember, as an adult you need some freedom. Freedom from everyday routine, work and chores.

Perhaps rekindle your art interests that were long forgotten. While in the great outdoors you can feel it again in your soul. Is it music, is it painting or photography? Make a mental note. Notice the sounds, notice the pictures. What did you like doing when you were a kid?

Let your kids run wild for a few minutes. It is not the end of the world, they need some freedom, too. The best yet, go running with them. Play tag, go swimming, go hiking. There is nobody watching you...and if they are, it is OK. Let your hair down for a day or two. Your kids will appreciate it, too. Perhaps they also forgot the playful side of you.

Some call it escape from reality, I call it going back to your roots. What is important in your life, what will you remember when you get old: playing with your kids or your job?

Watch the video and get inspired...