Important Safety Tips for Your Next Camping Trip

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When camping, you have to keep yourself and everyone with you safe. You have to prepare yourself by planning for every scenario on your camping trip. This means packing all the right stuff and simply exercising safe camping practices.



How Do You Go to the Washroom When Camping?

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One of the deterrents when it comes to camping is: how in the world a person can go to the bathroom?

How Camping and Family Reunions Go Together

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If your family is large, it can be difficult to find an area large enough to accommodate everyone attending a reunion. Then again, not everyone will want to stay in a hotel, as it may be too expensive, and the person hosting the reunion may not have enough room to accomodate everybody. 

However, for a cheap family reunion you may decide to go to a campground and have a camping style family reunion there. It is always a lot of fun.

Do You Want to Go Camping with Your Pet?

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Camping is meant to be fun for the entire family, which means it is also meant for your pets. But camping with pets can be rather tricky unless you know all of the rules and have a pet that will listen to you. Many times, pets will do what they want when they want, but you always have some control. Where you camp out will also have an impact on how much pet wiggle room you have.

Best Tips for Camping with Kids

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Whether your next camping trip is one for adults or you are bringing the kids along, there are some tips that you need to know so that you can make the most out of your excursion. So let’s get right to it.

Avoiding Motion Sickness on That Road Trip

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Unfortunately, many of us suffer from motion sickness. This is because what the eyes see and what the brain processes end up being two different things. The fixed objects in the car give the illusion that you’re sitting still when you’re really not. What this does is cause you or your children to get some rather sick feelings. Those sick feelings can then lead to a mess in your car. That is definitely not the way to start a getaway.

Having Fun with Camping

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20 fun things to do while camping:

1. Sing folk songs while setting up camp.

2. See who can collect the most firewood in fifteen minutes.

3. Play frisbee [away from the camp fire of course]

4. Find a body of water to splash in

5. Fish and cook your catch

Parents: You Can Take Your Kids Camping, Even the Youngsters!

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So you want to go camping, but you've got a little person to consider? Don't sweat it.

Minimalist Camping: How to Vacation on a Budget

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If you've got vacation time coming up, but can't afford to rent that beach front property you've been swooning after, think more simply. You can still go away and have a blast, and your bank account won't cringe in horror. If you've been camping before, good for you! These money saving tips will be something you can store away for the future...if you haven't, seriously consider it.

Hiking with Your Baby Is Easy

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You're deep in the forest on a quiet spring day...the birds are singing, the trees are providing you with shade and the occasional breeze, and the terrain you're walking on is smooth, but not too easy so you feel like you're accomplishing something by hiking. The best part? Your baby is strapped to you, getting his or her first taste of nature.

The Trouble with Camping: Why Some of Us Would Rather Get a Hotel

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Not everyone thinks camping sounds like a great idea – in fact if you interviewed a dozen or more folks [men and women] you'd find that most covet the luxury of their cell phones and comfortable beds far more than a tent and campfire.

No Kid Left Indoors

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No child left outside... Kids these days have no reason to be outside. Homes are filled with speedy INTERNET connections, video games, movies and television shows. Going into the backyard to play has become a hassle for kids, instead of something that sprouts joy and creativity, and it needs to stop.

How to Prepare for a New Camping Season in a Tent

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How to Prepare for a New Camping Season

We have been discussing GIANT RVs, fancy motor-homes, and BIG BUCK TOYS. What about the poor guy roughing it in a tiny tent?

Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Camping Guide for Beginners

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Camping Guide for Beginners

If you didn’t grow up camping, a little research can save you a lot of time and aggravation. The first step is visiting a camping show. Here, you will develop a sense of the entire market and all of the cool toys that are available.

How to Prevent Wild Fires While Camping

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How to Prevent Wildfires While Camping

With the recent droughts, wildfires have become a serious concern. If fact, the drought has become so severe in some areas that campfires have been banned completely.