Lions, Tigers and Goats . . . Oh My! Tips for Camping with Little Ones

Brooke Keith

I still remember the first time we took our youngest son camping. He had just turned the "fantastic four", no bigger than the weeds that overtook the backyard garden. You know, that brilliant age between being mommy's little man hiding behind the shadows of her skirt tail and being an ends-of-the-earth explorer, heart set on discovering all that the world had to offer.

Campfire Cozy: Two Fireside Activities that Kick Kumbaya's Butt

Brooke Keith 

There's one thing to be said about camping and fireside snuggles, they go hand and hand like chocolate and marshmallows squished between a graham cracker. And while I love a good old fashioned sing-along as much as the next girl, I much prefer more creative ways of enjoying the cozy glow of the campfire.

Rustic Romance: Fours Ways to Campside Romance . . . Even with the Kiddies Along

Brooke Keith 

As a fellow parent, I know what it is like to have to squeeze a dime out of a penny. You save and save and save all in anticipation of the trip of a lifetime. Then, the moment of truth comes; you have to choose between the romantic getaway fireplace-side where sparks fly wildly and the family camping trip where you try desperately to keep your danger-loving eight year old away from sparks campfire-side.

30 Reasons Why We Love Dads

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30 Reasons Why We Love Camping Dads



  • 1.  Dads are cool
  • 2.  Dads love playing sports with the kids
  • 3.  Dads love camping
  • 4.  They know how to put up a tent or park an RV
  • 5.  Dads can teach kids how to ride a bike
  • 6.  Dads take kids fishing
  • 7.  Dads are more relaxed when it comes to parenting (ever hearMark with Dadd of a hovering dad?)
  • 8.  Dads let the kids run free and get dirty
  • 9.  They know how to start a campfire
  • 10. Dads are realistic
  • What Are The Rules About Camping Etiquette?

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    When you go camping you have to remember that you will be in close proximity to other campers, so being respectful of others around you is mandatory. Don’t impinge on other people’s space.

    Having FUN With Camping Trip Photos

    Campfire Cooking In The Great Outdoors

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    The first meal of the day is breakfast and there’s nothing nicer than the smell of bacon and eggs cooking in a skillet, on top of a cooking plate, on the campfire or if you have one, a gas burner. You can even use the lid of your Dutch Oven, which is very versatile cooking pot.

    How To Have Fun Playing Games When Camping

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    One of the great joys of going camping is the games you play – not just the kids but adults too.

    Light Up Your Campsite

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    In the early days of camping, the only light source available was either candles or kerosene powered lanterns. They did the job, but did not illuminate the campsite enough for cooking, and it was virtually impossible to read.

    Tents for Dummies

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    Before I go into tips for tent buying, let me say this: If you aren't avid campers, and only find yourselves heading back to nature once or twice a year, don't purchase a tent! You can rent camping equipment, or borrow from family and friends for those occasions you camp. I only suggest buying camping materials (any really) if you go more than four times a year. Any less, and you are hogging up space, and wasting money.

    Warding off Bugs While You’re Camping

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    One of the hazards of camping is the bugs. They will bite at you and irritate you to no end. What happens is you find yourself swatting more than anything else. Fortunately, there are some remedies out there to keep the bugs away. Those remedies include:


    Tips to Make your Hike a Fun One

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    Hiking can be a blast as long as everything goes smoothly, so   don't be afraid to take your kids hiking with you.

    Take the Whole Family Hiking!

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    When we think of hiking, we think of people throwing backpacks on their shoulders and toughing out the rough terrain. In other words, an entire day spent on hiking an intense trail. But the truth is that you don’t have to rough it and you don’t have to worry about anything being intense. There are hiking trails out there that are family friendly. This means that you and the kids can go hiking quite easily.

    Poisonous Plants to Look out for on Your Next Camping Trip

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    Camping can be a blast, but there are some things that you have to look out for. Most people have allergic reactions to certain plants and some people don’t. There are those individuals that can wallow around in poisonous plants and not have a thing happen to them. Then there are those of us who can just look at a poisonous plant and suddenly break out in a rash that itches like mad.

    Keeping the Kids Occupied on Your Next Camping Trip

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    Kids get bored easily and camping trips can be grounds for boredom if your kids are used to the many technological advances that they have grown accustomed to. This means that you have a job ahead of you. You want to be able to keep the kids occupied, but at the same time you want to interest them in the camping trip rather than bring all the conveniences of home with you.