Some Outdoorsy New Year Resolutions

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This year instead of making all the same resolutions that I won’t keep I decided to make some fresh resolutions that I would look forward to. What a novel idea! So what can I do to improve my and my family’s life this year without too much trouble.

Christmas Camping in Your Living Room

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Aren’t you going camping this holiday season? Neither am I.
But this does not mean we cannot have any camping fun.

Winter Checklist for Driving and Camping

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If you are planning some road trips this winter, or even winter camping, you need to put some extra items in your car for added safety and comfort. Be prepared! Winter experience of camping is very different from summer camping. Even if you consider yourself an expert in the summer doesn’t mean that you are an expert in winter.

Finding That Perfect Gift Will Make Someone a Happy Camper

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Believe it or not, this is the perfect season to purchase gifts for any camper on your list. As we are in the off-season for camping, a lot of stores with camping gear hold their sales. The same goes for on-line retailers.

Planning Your Next Camping Vacation

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Whether it is summertime or winter it is never too early or too late to plan your next camping trip.

Christmas Shopping for a Camper on Your List


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First of all what is greenwashing? It is a form of brainwashing consumers by marketing gurus with their “green” product labels.

What Do Camping and Halloween Have in Common?

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What Do Camping and Halloween Have in Common?

Scary stories of course!

The Dangers of Bug Repellent

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Most of commercial bug repellents contain DEET in concentrations from 10 to 30 %.But remember that DEET is a poison (neurotoxin) and there have been cases of toxic encephalopathy: agitation, weakness, disorientation and even seizures and coma in children who used DEET. It is rare, but possible.

How to Survive a Grizzly Attack

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Grizzlies are huge (800 lb), fast (up to 50mph), brown bears that live in the forests of Alaska, north-western US and western Canada. About half of Canada’s grizzlies live in British Columbia. Grizzlies are the most aggressive of bears, especially when they feel threatened.

How to Survive a Snake Bite

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Campers and hikers are the primary target for snake bites, usually by accident or through carelessness.

New Pop-Up Camper

Well, we've purchased our new(new to us) pop-up camper and have had it a whole 3 hours.  My husband is still outside leveling it in our ski-slope of a driveway.  We hope to open it and check it out, give it a cleaning and use it within the next few weeks.  We've never camped with our 4 and 2 yr old boys but hope that it will be enjoyable.

Booger Bears 101: Simple Tips for Making the Woods Less Scary

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I remember when my friend Karen took her youngest son camping for the first time. I wasn't there, but I remember so well because it went so badly. The day, well, the day was fun. The day brought fishing trips with his Daddy, flower hunting with his mommy and even scavenger hunting with his big sister . . . but nighttime, now that was a horse of a different color.

Creative Camping: Bringing Fun into the Forest

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I've always been a creative parent. Chalk it up to a childhood with little money to spend on anything but imagination or call it all a product of never quite growing up.