Solar Powered Camping

May the Force Be with You... I mean solar power! It is not only environmentally friendly, but becomes cheaper and more and more practical for camping.


6 Tips for Camping on a Tight Budget


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Camping is considered a cheaper alternative to many other travel options. But as many new campers realized, the costs of purchasing new camping equipment add up and may not be as cheap as we would like.

Sunscreen Controversy

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To use sunscreen or not, this is the question many parents ask. While dermatologists were advising using sunscreen or even sunblock for little children for years, some parents, and many natural health proponents believe that it may be more harmful than helpful.

Would You Let Your Teen Sail Alone?

School Trip to an Urban Conservation Area

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This was my son’s school trip to plant aquatic plants at Tommy Thomson Park aka Leslie Street Spit.

Tips for Road Trips: Our Road Trip to Chicago

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So it was the Memorial Day weekend in the US and we decided to go on a long road-trip to visit our friends. We should have gone camping, but no, instead we decided to go all the way from Toronto to Chicago (845 km). I found Google maps to be very convenient, since you don’t really need any more of the cumbersome maps of every state and city you are passing any more. All the directions are right there and an estimated time of travel as well. But that does not include stops or traffic jams.

Stargazing for Campers

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Stargazing and camping go hand in hand. Where else can you see the stars so clearly? City lights make seeing stars very difficult if not impossible. I must say that I have never managed to see the Milky Way before going out to the countryside. But what can be more beautiful than the summer sky filled with twinkling stars? August brings us meteor showers with shooting stars to wish upon. How romantic. But it is also an opportunity for some education.

Portable Water Purification Devices

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We all know that water is essential to life. While hiking in the summer heat we can lose a lot of moisture. The drier the air the more moisture we lose, i.e. we will lose more in the desert than in a tropical forest.

Let the Camping Season Begin

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For me and many other Canadians Victoria Day weekend (around May 24) always marks the official opening of the camping season. For many of you in the USA the Memorial weekend marks the same occasion.

RV Fire Safety

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There is a lot of talk about fire safety at the campground and in the woods, and for obvious reasons. Nobody wants to start a forest fire.

Cool Camping Gadgets

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Are you a gadget guy or gal? Myself, I am always on the lookout for some new and cool stuff. Even if I don’t buy it all, it is good to keep up with what is new out there.


Books and Games for Little Campers

Camping Chairs for Kids

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Almost every campsite I have ever been to had a picnic table. It is great for the weekend trips and meals. You can even put it inside of your screen house for the protection from the elements and mosquitoes. But for sitting around the campfire and going to the beach you will need a folding chair.

Pick out Your First Aid Kit

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Basic safety rules require that we always bring a First Aid Kit with us whenever we go. In fact you should have one right now in your car. The same goes for camping, whether it is just car camping or hiking or canoeing with your kids.

10 Rules to Follow in Bear Country

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If you go camping in a bear country you need to follow some rules to keep out of trouble: