Hiking on the Bruce Trail

Why I Love RVing

Healthy Camp Cooking

Camping on Manitoulin Island

Manitoulin boasts to be the largest freshwater island in the world and is located on the north end of Lake Huron. There are two ways you can get there from the main land:

Backpacking with Children

As many backpacking enthusiasts tell me, backpacking is a sport and should be taken seriously. It is not just a little stroll in the woods and it has its own rules and requirements.


Camping with Your Family Pet

Kids and pets go together like peas and carrots. Many families camping with kids bring along their pets. Dogs are very popular at family campgrounds, and should follow the campground rules set for pets.

Family Canoe Camping

Many parents would like to know how old a child should be before getting into a canoe. The truth is that it has more to do with parents’ canoe skills than the age of the child. If the parents are experienced canoeists then canoeing with one-year old would be safe and had been successfully done before.

Camping Tips for Women

I often find that being a woman offers some challenges that men do not have to face. It is true for camping as it is in life, but let’s concentrate on the camping aspect.

Tent Camping vs. RVing

The jury is still out on the subject what is better: tent camping or RVing.

Camping in Heat

Last week we had an unusual heat wave in Ontario. People in the cities suffered and stayed indoors close to their air-conditioners.

But I was lucky to be camping and able to go outside and enjoy the beach.

Bicycle Camping with Kids

Many good cyclists love the idea of taking the whole family camping by bike. Certainly you can’t beat the savings that can be achieved this way.

Camping with Infants

As my mother used to say: infants are not made of sugar and will not melt. Although they are very vulnerable, for thousands of years they had to survive in less than ideal conditions and thrive in the wilderness. In general babies are very resilient and can go anywhere their parents go. Like all kids they love to be outside.

Camping and Ticks

Camping in a Thunderstorm

Kids Hiking Boots

Hiking is a very popular activity while camping. Whether going for a simple walk or doing some serious backpacking, it is a great way to explore and children love it.