Romantic Camping Getaways

Get Healthier By Camping

 Beata Antoszek

Health and Camping go hand in hand. Think of all the fresh air, sunshine (vitamin D) and exercise you can get while you are enjoying the outdoors.


Different Camping Styles

Beata Antoszek

No matter what type of camping you enjoy the most, there are many options waiting for you.

Camping in Winter

Beata Antoszek

Are you brave enough to take your family camping in the winter months?

KidCo PeaPod

Beata Antoszek

Do you travel a lot with your kids? Do you need to drag along a travel crib or pack and play?

Outdoor Clothing

Beata Antoszek

Did your mother always tell you to dress in layers? She was right.

How to Prepare Your Camping Gear for the Winter

Beata Antoszek

Winter is almost here and most of us already forgot about our camping gear, now stored in some dark corner in your garage.

Will Oprah Bring More People Camping

In the past month of October we heard a lot about Oprah Winfrey visiting Yosemite National Park with her best friend Gayle. Her visit was also featured in two parts on her own show.

Bear Encounters

Did you ever wonder how dangerous black bears really are and what to do to avoid bear encounter and even more importantly a bear attack? Are you or your kids afraid of bears?

Favorite Kids Activities

It is the beginning of fall and so it is time to sum up our summer camping adventures.

These were and are our all time favourite activities for kids in the summer:


Fall Camping.

Summer is officially over, but we are still looking forward to some fall camping. We are still planning at least one more trip for Thanksgiving. This is when we winterize our RV and the park closes for the winter.

5 Easy Camping Recipes

I decided to give you five of my easiest recipes that kids love. They can be easily prepared while camping and they are all vegan and gluten free, to fit the needs of children with various sensitivities.