Camping: Vacation on a Budget

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Economic uncertainty, layoffs and unemployment.

Are you afraid you are going to lose your job, uncertain about the future? Sure, we all are, it is perfectly normal.


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Do you feel stuck inside during winter months?

Is Winter Camping for You?

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Winter camping is offered by many parks in Canada and United States. In Ontario 25 out 330 provincial parks remain operational between December 1 and March 31. Although I would not recommend tent camping in freezing temperatures for small children, staying in a yurt could be a great experience. Many provincail parks in Ontario offer yurts, including Pinery, MacGregor Point, Algonquin, Quetico, Killarney and Silent Lake .

Slow Down, Take Your Time

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Rush, rush, rush; go, go, go and do,do,do. Don’t you feel like that sometimes? Most of the time? I certainly do.

My Favourite Park: Pinery

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I am lucky to live in Ontario, Canada, where campgrounds are plentiful and camping is one of the all time favourite ways of recreation. This is due in part to the vast territories and beautiful nature in this country. Unfortunately, because of the seasonal whether, for most of us camping is limited to summer/fall months. But it doesn’t have to be, since many parks are open year-round and offer yurts for accommodation.

How to Become a Seasonal Camper

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Is seasonal camping for you?