Fear of Camping

Are you afraid to take your kids camping? Camping can be challenging, but the rewards are worth the effort. The key is to be well prepared. So let’s have a look at the most common fears:

1. Wild animals.

Camping is What Canadians Do

Campfire Safety

Last year we had terrible draughts across North America and in many places campfires were prohibited. All it takes is one spark and the entire forest could go up in flames. It is important to follow local fire restrictions and fire bans, even if it causes an inconvenience. That is why all campers should have a portable stove. Although food tastes better when prepared over the real fire, portable stoves should be a part of every camper’s equipment.

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Keeping It Together: How to Organize Your Tent and Keep It That Way

In the blink of an eye, your tent is filled with piles of clothing, wet towels, half-inflated air mattresses, unrolled sleeping bags, dirty diapers, and your child’s new rock collection. Keeping the family tent neat and clean is a priority for camping parents. Consider these tips on your next trip to help keep your tent organized:

Clothing and Footwear to Keep You Kids Safe

If you are new to camping with kids, or camping in general, one of the first safety precautions you need to consider is clothing and footwear. Proper outdoor apparel prevents hypothermia in the cold, overheating in the winter, insect bites, sunburn, and camping related injuries. Whether you’re planning a weekend of hiking in mountainous terrain, swimming, or just hanging out by the campfire, outfitting your kids in proper clothing should be a top priority.

Favourite Camping Activities

My kids love camping and we love camping too. And each year we look forward to the same activities that never get old and tired, even though we go to the same campround every year. I am also sure that these outdoor activities are the favourites of many families.



Here is a sample of our last season's camping activities:


Are KOAs a Good Option

Some campers associate KOAs with roadside campgrounds that provide travelers with somewhere to stop and rest cheaply. Parents might even remember the Yogi Bear themed parks of the seventies and eighties.

10 Reasons Camping will Make Your Kids Grow Up Greener

What better way to instill in your children an appreciation and respect for our planet than a few days in the great outdoors? Here are ten reasons camping will make your kids grow up greener:

1. Camping equals a love for the outdoors. Period.

What Could Go Wrong When Camping with Baby

What could go wrong when you go camping with your baby? This must be a big question for all new parents who would like to go camping again. How should we prepare? What extra equipment do we need? Is it really safe?

The answer is: it depends on you and your baby. 

Sweet Dreams in the Great Oudoors

Actually sleeping in a tent is an entirely difference experience from telling ghost stories with a flash light in the backyard. Factors like weather conditions, temperature, tent size, number of occupants, and, most importantly, age of the campers can turn a much anticipated camping adventure into the longest night of your life. So how do you ensure your kids have sweet dreams while sleeping under the stars?

Camping with My Baby

Let’s get it straight from the start. My baby is already a toddler. She is running fast and disappearing around the corner of our campground road even faster, if I don’t watch her of course.

Stay Cool in the City

We are experiencing an unusual heat wave in Toronto this summer and I wish I could escape the city and go camping. Actually we are going camping in just a few days, but in the meantime we are reaching 92 degrees...You can't really ignore global warming anymore.

But how about these who for some reason cannot escape the city, what are they to do?

New Camping Trends

Beata Antoszek

Perhaps due to uncertain economic times camping becomes more and more popular. It offers great vacation opportunities for families at a fraction of the price. These are the trends observed by many of the experts: