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Christmas Shopping for a Camper on Your List

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First of all what is greenwashing? It is a form of brainwashing consumers by marketing gurus with their “green” product labels.

What Do Camping and Halloween Have in Common?

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What Do Camping and Halloween Have in Common?

Scary stories of course!

The Dangers of Bug Repellent

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Most of commercial bug repellents contain DEET in concentrations from 10 to 30 %.But remember that DEET is a poison (neurotoxin) and there have been cases of toxic encephalopathy: agitation, weakness, disorientation and even seizures and coma in children who used DEET. It is rare, but possible.

How to Survive a Grizzly Attack

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Grizzlies are huge (800 lb), fast (up to 50mph), brown bears that live in the forests of Alaska, north-western US and western Canada. About half of Canada’s grizzlies live in British Columbia. Grizzlies are the most aggressive of bears, especially when they feel threatened.

How to Survive a Snake Bite

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Campers and hikers are the primary target for snake bites, usually by accident or through carelessness.

30 Reasons Why We Love Dads

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30 Reasons Why We Love Camping Dads



  • 1.  Dads are cool
  • 2.  Dads love playing sports with the kids
  • 3.  Dads love camping
  • 4.  They know how to put up a tent or park an RV
  • 5.  Dads can teach kids how to ride a bike
  • 6.  Dads take kids fishing
  • 7.  Dads are more relaxed when it comes to parenting (ever hearMark with Dadd of a hovering dad?)
  • 8.  Dads let the kids run free and get dirty
  • 9.  They know how to start a campfire
  • 10. Dads are realistic
  • Plan Holiday with Grandma

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    Soon there will be Mother’s Day and all the media are full of gift ideas. Chocolates, cards, flowers, spa packages, theatre tickets, dinner out, perfume. All very nice, but what do mothers really want and need? As a mother I can tell you this: they want to be noticed and appreciated. And not just on Mother’s Day. Is it too much to ask?

    Make Earth Day Fun!

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    This week we celebrate Earth Week and April 22 is the International Earth Day.

    Go Play Outside!

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    The American Academy of Pediatrics has finally doubled its recommended daily intake of vitamin D for children and adolescents from 200 IU to 400 IU. The reason given is the raising occurrence of rickets (bone softening) in toddlers as well as the evidence that vitamin D plays a vital role in prevention of so many diseases including diabetes, cancer and high blood-pressure. Infants that are breast-fed are at the biggest risk, since breast milk does not contain enough of this important vitamin (but remember that breast-feeding it is still the best for babies).

    Maple Fest

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    Arrival of spring and March Break in Canada mean a week off from school. For some families it is a week spent in warmer climates, but for those who enjoy winter, it is the last week of skiing as well as a visit to the sugarbush for Maple Fest.

    Children Need Nature

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    Are your children locked indoors all winter? Maybe most of the year?

    Camping: Vacation on a Budget

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    Economic uncertainty, layoffs and unemployment.

    Are you afraid you are going to lose your job, uncertain about the future? Sure, we all are, it is perfectly normal.


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    Do you feel stuck inside during winter months?

    Is Winter Camping for You?

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    Winter camping is offered by many parks in Canada and United States. In Ontario 25 out 330 provincial parks remain operational between December 1 and March 31. Although I would not recommend tent camping in freezing temperatures for small children, staying in a yurt could be a great experience. Many provincail parks in Ontario offer yurts, including Pinery, MacGregor Point, Algonquin, Quetico, Killarney and Silent Lake .