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5 Tips to Green up Your RVing

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And I always thought that green and RVing didn’t mix. Well, this is no longer the case. As it turns out you can actually save energy by going RVing.

Tips on Choosing Air Mattress for Kids

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My worst memories about tent camping are related to sleeping on a lousy air mattress.  Waking up with an aching back can ruin your whole camping experience, don’t you think?

How to Select Camping Cookware

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7 Rules of Selecting a Great Family Camping Tent

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Tents come in quite a few shapes and sizes. Most modern tents are dome shaped and some are more house-like shaped and some are a combination. Some tents, especially the larger and taller ones, use aluminum poles and outside ropes and stakes to support them. The dome tents tend to be stand alone structures, supported by flexible poles connected by stretchable cord running inside them.

Selecting the Right Sleeping Bag

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In general there are two types of sleeping bags when it comes to their shape: rectangular and a mummy. Rectangular is your regular sleeping bag while the mummy is contoured to the body shape and has a hood. As you may have guessed the mummy is for colder weather and more severe conditions. If you are planning winter camping, fall camping in a colder climate or some mountain climbing then you should invest in one of those.

Camping in the Rain

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Back in our tent camping days we visited a wonderful park of Awenda, right on the shores of Georgian Bay. The sun was shining and the forecast predicted a weekend of beach weather. Just what I like.

Best Ways to Watch Wildlife at Night

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So you are taking your kids on the camping adventure. What could be more adventurous than watching some wildlife after dark?

Here are some tips:



Technology That Helps Us Stay Safe

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Are you an avid hiker? Hiking with the whole family can be a lot of fun, given that you are well prepared. So besides the usual: water, snacks and bug repellent you may want to consider some hi-tech devices to keep you safe and on track. This could be very important if you are planning a longer hike, canoe trip or wilderness camping with your kids.

Car Seat Safety

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Car seats are paramount to our children’s safety in a car while we are driving, yet majority of them are not installed correctly.

Some Outdoorsy New Year Resolutions

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This year instead of making all the same resolutions that I won’t keep I decided to make some fresh resolutions that I would look forward to. What a novel idea! So what can I do to improve my and my family’s life this year without too much trouble.

Christmas Camping in Your Living Room

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Aren’t you going camping this holiday season? Neither am I.
But this does not mean we cannot have any camping fun.

Winter Checklist for Driving and Camping

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If you are planning some road trips this winter, or even winter camping, you need to put some extra items in your car for added safety and comfort. Be prepared! Winter experience of camping is very different from summer camping. Even if you consider yourself an expert in the summer doesn’t mean that you are an expert in winter.

Finding That Perfect Gift Will Make Someone a Happy Camper

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Believe it or not, this is the perfect season to purchase gifts for any camper on your list. As we are in the off-season for camping, a lot of stores with camping gear hold their sales. The same goes for on-line retailers.

Planning Your Next Camping Vacation

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Whether it is summertime or winter it is never too early or too late to plan your next camping trip.

Leave No Trace Principles for Ethical Camping