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Fall Camping and Winterizing

Every single year our last camping day is on Canadian Thanksgiving Day (mid- October). This is the day our park closes for the long winter, which means that we have to leave our trailer till May of the following year.

How to Save Money at National Parks

Many National Parks in Canada and US charge admission fees, that are on top of the camping fees. However many do not. Some of the most visited parks such as Great Smoky Mountain in Tennessee or Redwoods National Park in California never charge admission fees.

Campground Neighbours

There are many types of campground neighbours, but basically they can be good or bad.

Good neighbours are so quiet that sometimes you wouldn’t even know they are there except that the lights are on in their RV.

Camping in the UNESCO Biosphere

Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association defines a biosphere reserve as “international recognition that reasonable actions, with measurable outcomes, are being taken to balance conservation initiatives with sustainable development.

My Favourite Provincial Parks

I live in Ontario, Canada, and all my favourite provincial parks are close to home.

Give me the Power

Camping with electric power used to be considered not real camping. Even today people who love tenting tend to take non-electrical sites. And then there is also wilderness camping (or back-country camping) and backpacking that requires no electricity by definition.

Vision from the Past

I was just walking down one of the lines of our campground when I saw it. A sight from the past, my past. A little camper identical to the one we had when I was child. I have never seen one like it in Canada before. These were the trailers of the 70’s era made in Poland. How did it get here?

Buying a New RV

Are you thinking about buying a new RV? Whether you are a seasoned camper or not the time may come when you start longing for a newer, bigger, better or simply any RV.

Camping with a Teenager

Taking your teenager camping with the family is not an easy task. I should know this now that I have a teenager in my camp.

More on Camping Etiquette

I know that many camping websites, including this one, have plenty of camping etiquette tips. Nevertheless, I think there could never be enough tips for new and seasoned campers alike. So here are some for you to ponder:

Fear of Mountain Lions

Mountain lions, aka cougars or pumas, can be found mostly on the West coast of North America. In recent years their population started to increase again, but please remember that mountain lion encounters in the wild are still very rare.

Camping for Every Age

Each age has its beauty and potential problems but it is never too early or too late to start camping. Here are some points that should ease your fears and help you avoid the pitfalls.

Kids and Dehydration

We are constantly told to drink 8 glasses of water a day (5 cups for children aged 4-8). But are you actually doing this?

Not drinking enough could result in dehydration, which in case of kids and hot weather could become dangerous.

Poison Ivy The Camper's Foe

Let’s face it: if you go camping regularly the chances are that your child will be a victim of poison ivy sooner or later. Children tend to run into the thickest bushes to play hide and seek despite all the warnings from adults.

Good Night Sleep at the Campground

So you are dreaming of getting away from the city and getting some fresh air and good night sleep. But before you pitch your tent or park your RV there are few things to consider.

1. Bring your ear-plugs.